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information about world wide asil breeds

Asian Gamefowl Society

Sonderverein Asiatische Kampfhuhnrassen

Speciaalclub Aziatische Vechthoenrassen

Welcome to the best Asian Gamefowl Information Source on the Internet

All content displayed on this website and links are for educational purposes only.

Last Update 24th November 2008

New link added (Trevor Cropper's Original Artwork)

Our Objectives

Main priorty is to preserve original form, type and breed features of our Asian gamefowl breeds.
This to the standards and/or criteria used in their countries of origin. Secondary objective :
to improve and stimulate communication and information between breeders worldwide. This for
the benefit of our breeds, hobby and sport. Last but not least we are interested in working
with other clubs and organisations on all gamefowl issues.

Our House Rules



Please contact our AGS Members directly. All members and only them will receive
a full detailled membershiplist. The birds displayed on our main site or at AGS
Country sites are bred and owned by AGS Members, Consultants or Associates. It
is useless to contact us directly. For security and privacy reasons the AGS does
not provide addresses to non-AGS Members. Please understand our club policy.
Attention : If you contact the Secretary please state your name, state and
country. If not your message will be deleted without notice. The AGS does
not provide additional printed information, catalogs, videos or pictures
about breeds. All necesarry information and links about breeds, clubs
and other relevant gamefowl matters are displayed on our website or
can be found through our links. Please, show some personal initiative !

AGS Club Membership

Click figure to acces the AGS Membershipform (please print out page)

AGS Membership includes 1 x yearbook (articles, B/W and colour pictures). It is published
in 2 separate language versions (Dutch and English). Other AGS activities : whenever
and were possible AGS representatives will organize clubmeetings. Membershipfee is EURO 15,-
for European members, £ 10,- for British Isles (including Northern Ireland & Scotland) and
USD $ 25,- for non-European countries. After receiving your payment your membership will be
activated. For additional information please contact the Secretary. The AGS yearbook is
published onwards the second half of the year (depending on the editors time and workload).

AGS Yearbook impression

AGS Breed Database

Lookin for some information on a particular breed ? Please visit our database
Additional information can be found through our AGS Country websites.

AGS International Websites

Please visit one or more of the international AGS websites. Many of them give
specific information about local gamefowl breeds, traditions and culture. As
many of our AGS members live in the homelands of our gamefowl breeds these
sites are a source of genuine unbeatable information. Note : some countries
still have legal cockfighting. The information and the pictures displayed on
our site(s) have been provided by reliable breeders and/or consultants living
in these countries. The information we provide therfor is accurate, up to date
and genuine ! Enjoy the information. Happy surfin !


Belgium - Netherlands - Germany - Italy - Russia - Cyprus - Scandinavia - Greece

Poland - Spain - Britain - Balkan Europe - Turkey


United States - Canada


Peru - Mexico - Brazil


Bangladesh - North India - South India - Pakistan - Vietnam


Iran - Lebanon - Bahrain


South Africa - Reunion


AGS Main Forum

A multi-forum for communication and information purposes. Get in touch with others and share your knowledge,
expirience and all relevant information on Asian gamefowl with other gamefowl friends around the world.

AGS Club Secretary

Willem van Ballekom

Hobokenlaan 19 - Eindhoven

5628 VA - Netherlands - fax +32 - 84 - 7366269


Gamefowl Art


Enjoy Trevor Cropper's eyecatching vivid art work, performed in various art mediums.

Specialized in very detailled artwork of gamefowl, dogs, livestock and wildlife.

To the online gallery

AGS Gamefowl Links

AGS Information Database

Click our -Bloodhound- and track down the information you need in our link database.
We have listed virtually every aspect of gamefowl breeding. Its all there ! You name it
we have it. If its not here its not on the Internet !

Remark : Sorry we cannot guarantee that all links are still active !


Friends of the Asian Gamefowl Society, a very good international multi-forum with loads of information, pictures
about Asian gamefowl and the naked heel sport around the world. They have a very active forum
with members and visitors from all around the world. A must see site !

International Asil Community

The purpose of this initiative is to provide and share information, knowledge and expiriences
about maybe the oldest gamefowl breed in the world, the Asil (also known as Aseel).

AGS World of Bankiva Gamefowl

An extra service of our club for the fanciers of Bankiva-type gamefowl breeds (Asian & European breeds).
A multi-langauge website with lots of pictures and info all related to this specific gamefowl group.

AGS Sumatra website

An AGS website devoted to the longtailed Sumatra breed. Many breeders seem not to know that the
Sumatra is genuine gamefowl breed. The site is in three languages (English, Dutch and German).

AGS Longtail & Longcrower breeds Division

The AGS does also cover all the Asian Longtail and Longcrower breeds. This is done by Marc King
our AGS Consultant. A true jewelcase full of information. Email Marc at

Taiwan Game Project

An international project with the objective to improve quality and purity of Taiwan Game.
The site contains a lot of information, forum, links and Taiwan Game pictures.

Vechthoenders - Gamefowl

A very informative website (in Dutch and English) about Asian gamefowl, especially about
longtail and longcrower fowl. Lots of photos and quality gamefowl photography.

Asian Hardfeather Club (British Isles)

The Asian Hardfeather Club is our British sister-club catering for all Asian
hardfeather breeds on the British Isles. They also publish a very informative
newsletter. If you wanna contact the AHC Secretary please email
Mrs.Julia Keeling at

Ultimate Fowl

An interesting gamefowl forum with information on various fowl and related subjects.
It has also a Wiki knowledge base, a blog, chatbox and a photo gallery.

Gamefowl of the World (SMPGC)

A Peru based gamefowl organisation with an international character. Very good
for breeders with an interest in postiza-fowl. They have a very active message
board. Some content in English but the site is mainly in Spanish !

Kampfhuhn DE

A German-based gamefowl portal. Breed info, gamefowl sale & offer and an active messageboard.
Its the best way to get in touch with German and other European gamefowl breeders.

Galleros Ecuatorianos

An Ecuadorian gamefowl website. Interesting information and good pictures.
Also good for gamefowl breeders with an interest in Bankiva-type gamefowl
An active message board. Some English content but mainly in Spanish !

Animal Transport - Import - Export Information

IATA International Air Transport Association

AATA Animal Air Transport Association

IPATA Independent Pet and Animal Transport Association

Due to the birdflu problems many countries have imposed new regulations for the importation
of live birds and hatch eggs. They also imposed heavy fines on illegal imports. Before
contacting breeders regarding the purchase of their birds and eggs it is very wise to get
the proper information in advance about the export and import regulations of poultry
and poultry-related products from the agriculture ministery in your own country
Depending on the import/export regulations in your own country you must provide possibly:
health certificate, document of origin, import license, Cites declaration, etcetera



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