Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shamo Breed

Shamo: Pure Japanese Line

The Shamo is a naked heel game bird from Japan.

The breed was originally brought into Japan from Thailand in the seventeenth century - the name referring to Siam, the old name for Thailand. In Japan it was developed into a distinctive fighting bird of courage and ferocity.
Its posture is very upright, with prominent shoulders, powerful bone structure, muscular build and sparse hard feather, which all together make it an impressive and striking bird.

The term "
Shamo" covers all examples of the large fowl, but they can be further divided by weight into Chu Shamo (adult male weight above 3kg) and O Shamo (adult male weight 4kg and above).

The breed can be found throughout Japan and although occasionally shown they are kept there primarily as fighting birds, with character and attitude being the vital attributes. Cockfighting is legal in Japan, although betting on the outcome is not. Colour is of no importance in this breed, although the plumage colour most commonly seen is black/red (
bbr) and variations; beak - yellow or horn; legs and feet - yellow (with blackish over-colour being normal in some dark coloured birds); face - red; and eyes silver or gold.
(introduction was provided courtesy of Shamolady)


  1. hello there...i'm darren from Philippines.i want to start breeding an asil here in our country but i don't know where i'll start..and i don't know too where i'll get a good materials "hens and brood-cocks" to start my small farm....i wish you will read and answer my post and help me do as well...tnx a lot..have a good day...

  2. Jolo asil's are good, especially the pure breeds

  3. imo java asils r gud.But here in N.E.India we have better breed called Vangnu.They r not hard hitters like asils but fine Vangnu always possess unmatched stamina and endurance than most asils with equal conditioning and age whether java,reza,kulang or peela.No offence 2 asil lovers...... its just my opinion.... u can see pics @ fb and type vangnu @ the search menu.... gud luck :)

  4. i have jolo asil..5 wins 1 draw records. and cost 15,000 pesos.

  5. i've search for jolo asil but i dunno if the one i've got is an asil but it fight good,color red with parrot beak,baguio city phillipines

  6. There is a guy who has some.