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Shamo Breed

Ko Shamo

Background information: The Japanese are masters in minimizing objects and living things (bonsai trees, chicken, fish) The geographical conditions in Japan gave birth to this extra ordinary skill. There is almost no space to build as Japan is for 75% a country with hills and mountains. To enable indoor keeping of gamefowl they have created the Ko Shamo, a small game breed still in possession of a game character. A trio of these birds are kept on a space of 4 square feet. Despite these conditions fertility is excellent same as their laying performance and hatch rate. Growing up the chicks goes without problems, however a too overcrowded surface leads to a bloody war in the sense of the word as they display their "killer" instinct in an early live stage. Ko Shamo are very popular in Japan and Europe due to their qualities. They have following features: strawberry or walnut comb, pearlish eyes, extremely short in feathers, wings carried from the body the wing joints pointing above the shoulders.The tail is known as "shrimp" tail (main sickle feathers curving down, side feathers pointing in horizontal direction). Also a very typical feature is the socalled open or split wing which in Japan is seen at the best birds. The whole body is divided in 3 equal parts (length) 1) head and neck, 2) body, 3) legs. Weight: male 2 Lbs (0.9 Kg), female 1.8 Lbs (0.8 Kg). Height: 9.8" (± 25 Cm). Another typical feature is that Ko Shamo walk on their front toes. Dispite the fact that Ko Shamo's succesfuly can be kept and bred under less fortunate conditions it is advised to give these birds sufficient space. Ko Shamo's are bred in a wide variety of colours. Its an ideal bird for the less fortunate (concerning living space) fancier of Asian gamefowl.

Zenimoto (Japan)
Ikuo Watanabe (President of the Japan Small Shamo Club)


The Ko Shamo is a bantam game breed from Japan.
It is the most numerous of the small
Shamo breeds, being popular in all areas of Japan, but it is not a bantam version of the large Shamo. They are strong muscular little birds with very sparse plumage. Their most important attributes should be character and attitude, strong head and beak, upright stance, prominent shoulders, very short hard feather, and tiny prawn� tail (which means a tail like a prawn�s tail, not like a prawn). The weight of an adult male is around 1kg.

Different types are considered to be correct in Japan, so there will always be variation within the breed, some lighter, some chunkier, some with wrinkly faces, some not so wrinkly - but they should all have the typical
Ko Shamo attributes, especially the characteristic cheeky, cocky attitude. However, despite the game spirit, this is an ornamental pet and show breed, not designed for fighting.
There are no fixed plumage colours but, as an ornamental breed, attractive colouration can add to the appeal of a good bird. Normal colouration is: beak yellow or horn; legs and feet yellow, with dusky markings also being acceptable in dark coloured birds; face- red; and eyes silver o

r goThis pullet is out of Micheal Stumme's strain as well. What a pullet she is! Thanks Suzann!

"They are BEAUTIES!!! Definitely the best I have seen in USA. Type-wise they are as good as any in the world. Excellent!" Julia Keelingld.

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  1. t.y 4 giving new info n i am hoping 4 more info may i ask if it is superior in knife fighting like kelso n other bloodlines