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History of Aseels

History of Aseels

The Aseel is a very old game breed from subcontinent(PAKISTAN-INDIA) . It has been bred in sub- continent for many centuries for its aggressive behaviour.They were popular with the rulers of India (Mughal emperors & some Nawabs of states in India ,all these rulers are Muslims. They established Aseels as gaming and also developed their beauty. Aseel is strongest gamecock in the whole world and a strongest breed of poultry . It is difficult to keep Aseels in close quarters due to their aggressive tendencies.
Aseel is more beautiful and social able land fowl. All Aseel strains do have their eyeposition in central in their face. The Aseel family is very big. Aseel are also known for their intelligent defensive and tactical thinking to keep power for long time in endurance fight.
" Aseel" is an Arabic word meaning "pure" or "throughbred". The Aseel gamefowl breed might will be 3500 years old as cockfighting has been mentioned in an Indian manuscript"Manusriti" of the same antiquity."Manusriti" an indian document on law, reiligon and philosophy .Probably descended from the Indian red jungle fowl it has been moulded through countless generations of special selection , always on the same lines, into a magnificent warrior.Aseel were developed primarily as a sort of feathered pugilist, and this aspect of their development has had an over powering, influence on the breeds' structure,constitution, and temperament as well as influencing,its role in the development of more modern breeds.

Romans fighting cocks approximately 2000 years ago

Source: The Poultry Book
edited by Johnson and Brown, 3rd edition, 1909. from a painting on a vase in the Gregorian Museum in Rome.

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